BOOSTane Shot

BOOSTane Shot octane booster is a super concentrated formula capable of increasing pump fuel to between 2 and 3 octane numbers using only 4oz (118ml) of product. Our BOOSTane Shot line is meant for daily driving, and where convenient, quick access to treat poor quality fuel is needed.

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    • Unlock lost power due to poor fuel quality
    • Forced induction and N/A vehicles 
    • Proprietary chelated carrier
    • Anti-corrosion against ethanol
    • Cleaning agents
    • Fuel life extender
    • Prevents phase separation

    A Quick & Convenient Octane Booster Concentrate

    Our BOOSTane Shot line is designed for daily driving and other situations where it’s necessary to treat subpar fuel quickly and conveniently.

    Easy & Portable

    The BOOSTane Shot is the easiest way to get your octane as up 2 to 3 octane numbers. The small size makes it a great octane booster concentrate to use on the go, making it a great “one and done” solution.


    Our formula is compatible for 2 & 4 stroke engines, low compression engines, tuned & untuned vehicles and powersports.

    Street Legal

    The BOOSTane Shot is a street legal octane booster solution, making it great for daily drivers and motorcycles.

    Backed By Science

    Like all our octane boosters, the BOOSTane Shot is third-party tested for quality and effectiveness.

    Additional Benefits

    The BOOSTane Shot does more than just raise your octane.

    Anti Corrosion Against Ethanol

    Protects your engine from the negative effects of ethanol-based fuels, including corrosion.

    Long Shelf Life

    You can keep an unopened bottle of BOOSTane for up to 2 years under the right storage conditions. 

    Cleaning Agents

    Added cleaning agents help remove deposits from vital engine components, leading to a smoother engine operation. 

    Fuel Life Extender

    Get the most out of your fuel by mixing in our proprietary carrier.

    Our Formula