Experience The Difference with Boostane Octane Booster

BOOSTane octane boosters are renowned for their significant octane increase and protection against detonation. Our quality, compatibility, and concentrated formulas that deliver cost-effective results makes us the preferred choice for high-performance engines.

Why Use BOOSTane Octane Boosters?

  • Turn the pump gas in your tank to a high performance race fuel equivelant

  • Works in all internal combustion engines, powerboats & high performance street cars to motorcycles and ATV’s

  • Safe to use with catalytic converters and O2 Sensors

  • Won’t settle out of solution and become ineffective in your tank, due to our proprietary carriers

  • How Octane BOOSTers Work

    Octane boosters are compounds that increase the octane rating of gasoline, making it more resistant to engine knock and pre-ignition. These boosters typically contain a mixture of high-octane components such as toluene, xylene, and methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT), as well as detergents and stabilizers to keep the fuel system clean. Octane boosters work by increasing the gasoline’s octane rating through the introduction of high-octane components, which make the fuel more resistant to knocking and pre-ignition. They also contain detergents and stabilizers to help keep the fuel system clean and improve engine performance.
  • How BOOSTane Works Better

    BOOSTane’s anti-knocking agents remain suspended indefinitely in solution, which helps deliver better performance and reliability. Our revolutionary chelated carrier allows for a higher-concentration of anti-knocking agents in the formula, which improves engine performance. Independent 3rd party testing confirms BOOSTane’s formula is the most reliable, consistent, and highest-performing boosters on the market. Our formulas are designed to be good for the engine, making it a popular choice among drivers who prioritize the health of their vehicle’s engine.

More About Our Octane Boosters

BOOSTane Professional

Best for High Performance, Racing Applications

BOOSTane Professional is hands down the highest performing octane booster on the market. BOOSTane Professional was engineered specifically for racing, that run high compression and/or high boost, requiring high octane fuel. Formulated with our proprietary chelated carrier, this race gas octane booster can increase your octane rating up to 116 octane.

Key Benefits

  • 32 fl oz Can
  • Prevents Phase Separation
  • Anti-Corrosion Against Ethanol

BOOSTane Premium

Best for Tuned, Street Applications

BOOSTane Premium is perfect for those performance daily drivers. The vehicles with more aggressive tuning, bolt-ons, and an owner who likes to get their groceries with a heavy foot. The smaller bottle, and less potent formula makes it easier to measure and blend at the pump, with less of a chance of “over-octaning” your fuel. Helps protect against ethanol, great for classic muscle, and easy to transport. Get an octane boost and achieve up to 100 points with the go-to, STREET LEGAL octane booster.

Key Benefits

  • 16 fl oz. Can
  • Great for Low Compression Engines
  • Anti-Corrosion Against Ethanol
BOOSTane Premium Octane Booster bottle

BOOSTane Shot

Add 2-3 Octane. Convenient, No Measuring!

With just 4 ounces (118 milliliters) of product, the BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster’s highly concentrated composition can boost pump petrol from between 2 and 3 octane numbers. Our BOOSTane Shot line is designed for daily driving and other situations where it’s necessary to treat subpar fuel quickly and conveniently. BOOSTane Shot Octane Booster’s transportable shrink-wrap packaging makes it ideal to toss in the trunk, saddle bag, or travel pack and be ready to use as needed.

Key Benefits

  • 4 fl oz. Bottle
  • Motorcycle Friendly
  • Convenient Size and Packaging

BOOSTane Marine

Best for Boats

BOOSTane Marine is created specifically to work with marine engines with all the benefits of Professionals octane boosting capability (116), but with additional upper end cylinder lubrication for those WOT runs across open water. Also great for storing fuel for extended periods of time (Dry-Dock or in the water).

Key Benefits

  • 32 fl oz. Can
  • Increased Lubricity for Engine Intervals
  • Ethanol Stabilization
BOOSTane marine octane booster can



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Useful Tips

Choose the Right Octane Booster

Selecting the right octane booster depends on your specific application. For casual driving, opt for something like BOOSTane Premium that will give the extra kick you need for your daily driver. Racing applications would require a strong octane addive like BOOSTane Pro for optimal performance.

Check Your Engine's Compression Ratio

Check your engine's compression ratio and choose an octane booster that matches the engine's requirements. Higher compression ratios often demand higher octane fuel to avoid knocking and ensure peak performance. Refer to our octane compression ratio chart for guidance.

Store Your Octane Booster Properly

Store your octane booster in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Proper storage helps maintain its effectiveness and prolongs its shelf life. An unopened bottle of BOOSTane has a shelf life of 2 years under the right storage conditions.


Octane boosters are fuel additives that blend directly into your vehicle’s gas tank to increase the octane rating of your pump fuel. They are necessary if you’re looking to make the most of your vehicle’s performance, while also protecting your engine components and wallet! BOOSTane is the industry leader in octane engineering, setting the standard for fuel additive technology around the world.

Octane boosters are designed to blend with pump fuel to raise the effective octane of your fuel above what is possible to purchase from the gas station. This can be achieved in many ways, but be careful as some products use clever marketing and naming to mislead the consumer into thinking they are achieving an octane level far higher than what it’s capable of.

Octane boosting with BOOSTane is perfect for any engine that requires more octane than what is available at the pump, or if race fuel is unavailable/too expensive.  


This can be for:

  • higher compression engines (Forced Induction or naturally aspirated)
  • Tuned vehicles with advanced timing and/or increased boost
  • Luxury vehicles with high performing engines from the factory
  • 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines

This is where BOOSTane differs from the competition. Our engineers developed a very specific calculation. Use one of our three calculator resources
Online Web Calculator
BOOSTane Mixing Chart
BOOSTane Calculator App for iPhone.

These tools will help you figure out your blending ratio and exactly how much to use, as the blend curve is far from linear, and doesn’t require a full bottle (all the time), as some of the competition will lead you to believe.

No. If used correctly and blended to the proper ratio, this should not be an issue. Problems occur when people misuse BOOSTane and blend our products like they have with products that can be purchased at a gas station, and over treat their fuel. If the engine is not tuned or capable of taking advantage of that higher octane, it will not run optimally.

Octane boosters are often not street legal because they may contain substances that increase emissions beyond acceptable levels. They alter fuel combustion, potentially harming the vehicle's engine and catalytic converter. Regulatory agencies limit their use to maintain air quality and vehicle safety standards. However, BOOSTane Premium, BOOSTane Marine and BOOSTane Shot are all street legal octane boosters.

Absolutely! Sometimes that is all that is available, especially in states where 91 octane is the highest available. Our Mixing Calculator or BOOSTane Mixing Chart shows how to blend to your desired octane regardless of if it is 87 octane or 93.

Not only can you, but you SHOULD use an octane booster concentrate to treat your old fuel. If you are unable to pump out the old gas, or even if you are unsure a small dose of BOOSTane will help bump the octane of the old gas and restore much of its original capabilities, while adding in benefits such as increased lubricity, stabilization, and detergency that will help your engine. If only treating old gas or poor quality fuel, 0.25oz per gallon is a good place to start. Furthermore, BOOSTane’s proprietary chelated carrier also acts as a great stabilizing agent to fight the phase separation (hygroscopy) that ethanol causes to all of our fuel. Thus acting as a great storage mechanism for prolonged storage of your vehicle.

They both contain BOOSTane original proprietary chelated carrier technology. Enabling industry leading stability and reliability to our fuels. Along with upper end cylinder lubrication and detergency. The only difference is their octane capability and can size. Professional (32oz can) can achieve 116 octane from 93, while Premium (16oz can) can only reach 100 octane. Pro can do everything Premium can, with more measuring, but Premium can not do what Pro can.

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