BOOSTane Marine

BOOSTane Marine also offers the ability to increase octane levels up to 116 and is specially formulated to complement marine engines.

  • Fuel life extender
  • Proprietary chelated carrier
  • 32 fl oz can

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    • Made In The USA

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    • Prevents phase separation
    • Anti corrosion against ethanol
    • Extends fuel life
    • Up to 116 octane

    1. Determine your desired octane
    2. Use the BOOSTane mixing calculator or mixing chart to determine how much BOOSTane Marine to add
    3. Add BOOSTane Marine to your fuel

    The Leading Marine Octane Booster

    Uniquely formulated for marine applications. Containing BOOSTane’s proprietary carrier and octane raising capabilities, this marine octane booster can raise your octane as high as 116. Don’t get stuck with 90 octane at the marina again!

    Designed for Marine Engines

    Works in all internal combustion engines, from powerboats and high-performance fishing boats to personal watercraft and leisure, Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction.

    Optimized for Performance

    Too many OEM companies require octane higher than what is available at the marina, and are still susceptible to the negative side effects of ethanol. Take full advantage of your summers on the water, and let BOOSTane give your boat and restore its full potential. Get BOOSTane Marine and turn the pump gas in your boat or PWF tank to a high performance race fuel equivalent.

    Easy To Use

    We designed BOOSTane Marine to be a convenient and fast way for boating enthusiasts to maximize their performance on the water. Simply add the correct ratio of BOOSTane Marine and watch the magic happen.

    Tried & Tested Formula

    BOOSTane Marine contains a reliable third-party tested formula. Combining that with our experience in Marine powerboat racing, we’ve been able to create a leading octane booster for marine engines.

    More Than Just An Octane Booster

    BOOSTane Marine focuses on issues that are more pertinent to marine engines such as fuel stability and lubrication. Our formula gives the added protection that these increasingly higher performance engines need. This makes BOOSTane Marine one of the best octane boosters for boats.

    Anti Corrosion Against Ethanol

    Ethanol fuel can wreak havoc on marine engines due to its hygroscopic properties. BOOSTane Marine stabilizes against ethanol fuels, preventing corrosion and other damage.

    Increased Lubricity

    Our formula offers increased levels of upper end cylinder lubrication for added protection during prolonged WOT applications and can help owners concerned with phase separation of their fuel. 

    BOOSTane marine octane booster can

    Cleaning Agents

    BOOSTane Marine contains added cleaning agents to help keep vital engine components free of deposits and smoothen fuel burn. 

    Anti-Carbon Build-Up

    BOOSTane Marine helps improve overall engine operation, leading to reduced carbon build-up over time.

    Our Formula