Octane Booster - BOOSTane Professional

BOOSTane Professional is formulated to increase octane levels up to 116. This formula provides professional racers and racing enthusiasts a safe and convenient alternative to expensive and cumbersome racing fuel. This product is not street legal.

  • Up to 116 octane
  • Anti-corrosion against ethanol
  • Anti-carbon build up
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  • Made In The USA

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Formulated to be the ultimate track-ready octane booster. Built with BOOSTANE technology to give the ability to raise octane as high as 116. Made in America.

There are a lot of additives that make claims about what they can do for your performance. BOOSTANE is not one of those fuel additives. Using our exclusive blend, our BOOSTANE Professional octane booster can raise your octane upwards of 23 points. This gas octane booster is specifically engineered for racing, which demands a higher octane. If you’re looking to maximize your racing performance, get your hands on a can of BOOSTANE Professional. The results will speak for themself.

Get BOOSTANE Professional Octane Booster and turn the pump gas in your tank to a high-performance race fuel equivalent.

Will raise your effective octane fuel number 23 points!
Use our very own BOOSTANE App to blend exactly to your necessary specifications

Safe for use with catalytic converters and O2 Sensors
Won’t settle out of solution and become ineffective in your tank, due to our proprietary carriers
Stabilizes against phase separation from ethanol supplementation (E10)

Works in all internal combustion engines, from powerboats and high performance street cars to motorcycles and ATV’s, Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction, your peace of mind is here
LOWER Compression Engines and 2 Stroke
Proprietary chelated carrier
Anti-corrosion against ethanol
Cleaning agents
Anti-carbon build up