How to Boost Octane in Gas - Step by Step Guide

Enhancing your vehicle's performance is crucial for both efficiency and longevity, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by boosting your octane. In this guide, we'll cover the best way to boost octane in gas and which fuel solutions you should consider.

6 Steps to Boost Octane In Your Regular Gas

Step 1. Choose Your Desired Octane

The first step is to identify your goals and desired octane. Whether you're looking for standard efficiency or high-performance output, understanding your ideal octane level will make choosing a solution much easier.

Step 2. Calculating How Much Octane Booster You Will Need

Customizing your pump gas to reach the desired octane level is crucial for aligning the fuel with your engine's specific needs. BOOSTane's meticulously developed ratios offer this precise customization.

Utilize our user-friendly tools – the Mixing Chart, Web Calculator, and iPhone App – to effortlessly adjust your fuel to the optimal octane level. These resources ensure that you can accurately match your engine's requirements with precision and ease.

Step 3. Selecting An Octane Booster

Once you know how much octane booster you'll need, the next step selecting an octane booster additive. BOOSTane Professional is an excellent octane booster for high-performance output. BOOSTane's superiority is managed by its proprietary chelated carrier. Developed to solve a common problem with fuel additives, which is varying density component falling out of suspension and phase separating.

By solving this problem, we are able to offer Higher Octane, more accurate blending and quality, wide array of compatibility, and ancillary benefit.

Step 4. Fill Your Tank With Regular Gas

Fill your vehicle with the starting octane of your choice (87, 91, 93, etc.) then follow the ratio that was determined in Step 2.

Step 5. Add Your Octane Booster

The next step is to add your octane booster to your pump gas. If you're using BOOSTane, make sure to mix in the proper blend per your gallons of gas.

Step 6. Let Your Octane Booster Blend

If you add your gas before your can of BOOSTane, you'll need to let the octane booster and fuel blend homogenously by driving around for about 5 miles. Make sure not to put your engine under extreme load during this time.


Boosting your octane in gas doesn't have to be difficult with the right octane booster. BOOSTane offers a wide range of octane booster additives suitable for both professional and daily use. Make sure to always check for the right mixing ratios before adding octane booster to your regular gas.

BOOSTane Professional

BOOSTane Professional is formulated to increase octane levels up to 116. Works in all internal combustion engines and helps stabilize phase separation from ethanol supplementation.