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5 Gallons

BOOSTane Cetane Diesel Additive

Cetane Boosters

BOOSTane Diesel additive is engineered for modern diesel engines to address poor diesel fuel refinement and ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel). This proprietary carrier formula will increase performance, clean engine parts, and add lubricity.

BOOSTane Diesel additive solves issues caused by ultra low sulfer diesel and biodiesel. Increase Power and Improve Gas Mileage.  The same engineering that goes into our award winning octane products has gone into our new line of diesel additives.

Made specifically for daily drive diesel cars and trucks.  Give your vehicle the diesel fuel it needs.

Recover lost power, increase overall fuel efficiency, clean and protect injectors, and maintain healthy filters.

BOOSTane Diesel Additive is Cetane Engineering done right.

BOOSTane Horsepower Tee


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BOOSTane Marine Octane Booster – Quart Bottle -17%
5 Gallons

BOOSTane Marine Octane Booster

Marine Octane Boosters

BOOSTane Marine also offers the ability to increase octane levels up to 116 and is specially formulated to complement marine engines.  BOOSTane Marine provides all of the advantages of BOOSTane Professional and can help owners concerned with phase separation of their fuel.

32 fl oz = 946 ml

1 US Gallon = 3.78541 litres