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BOOSTane Winter Defense


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BOOSTane Diesel Winter Defense features all of the same benefits offered by BOOSTane’s Diesel Fleet line with the addition of cold flow promotion and an anti-gelling technology that have been formulated together to offer the highest performing diesel treatment in sub-zero temperatures. Combined cold flow promotion and anti-gelling technology promotes high diesel performance in sub-zero temps

  • Prevents fuel filter build-up and blocking
  • Increases fuel efficiency and power
  • Proprietary formula prolongs engine life
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Large Fuel Tanks & Fleet Hauler Applications

icon lowesT fuel cost

Lowers Fuel Costs

icon Promotes Engine Cold Start

Cold Start

Promotes Engine Cold Start

icon Increases Engine Efficiency


Increases Engine Efficiency

Icon Prevents Anti-Gelling

Prevents Anti-Gelling

icon Prevents Sticking & Coking

Prevents Sticking & Coking


WARNING: These products can expose you
to chemicals, which are known to the State
of California to cause cancer or birth defects
or other reproductive harm. For more infor-
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55 Gallon Drum, 1, 8, 30, 5 Gallon Pail