BOOSTane Cetane Fleet Diesel Additive – (8) 16oz Bottles


BOOSTane Diesel Fleet additive is engineered for modern diesel engines to address poor diesel fuel refinement and ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel). This proprietary carrier formula will increase performance, clean engine parts, and add lubricity in high fleet applications for large fuel tanks and haulers.

BOOSTane Diesel Fleet additive solves issues caused by ultra low sulfer diesel and biodiesel. Increase Power and Improve Gas Mileage.  The same engineering that goes into our award winning octane products has gone into our new line of diesel additives.

Made specifically for large fuel tank and fleet hauler applications.  Give your vehicle the diesel fuel it needs in high concentration and compact size

Recover lost power, increase overall fuel efficiency, clean and protect injectors, and maintain healthy filters.

BOOSTane Diesel Fleet Additive is Cetane Engineering done right.

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  • Clean and Protect Injectors
    • Stops coking
    • Stops sticking
    • Lowers injector maintenance
  • Prevents Fuel Filter Build-Up and Blocking
    • Lowers filter maintenance cost
    • Lowers particulates
    • Eliminates visible exhaust
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency and Power
    • Raises effective cetane
    • Added lubricity
    • Removes deposits and build-ups
BOOSTane Diesel Rate
Clean 1 Can (16oz/473ml) 62 Gallons (235L) 200 ppm
Protect 1 Can (16oz/473ml) 125 Gallons (470L) 400 ppm
Directions: For best results, mix the cetane booster with diesel fuel based on the mixing chart for desired results. CLEAN: Cleanses engine components, restores power. USE EVERY 3,000 MILES. PROTECT: Maintain engine components at optimal range and power. USE EVERY FILL UP.
DO NOT allow contact with finished surfaces. WILL cause discoloration. Note: This product does not contain alcohol, or any other oxygenated components. Safe for use with catalytic converters and 02 sensors. SAFE FOR ALL DIESEL ENGINES COMMON RAIL DIESEL INJECTION.

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