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Why can’t I just make my own octane booster?

Technically you can.  People have been trying to do it for decades, and there are easy ways to increase octane.  The risks however far outweigh the benefits. The benefit is that you can do it cheaply. However, the risks are that you never know the exact octane that you are achieving unless you send it to a certified lab (very expensive), and the biggest risk of all is that it is more than likely, not sustainable.  Many of the cheap and easy solutions out there have active ingredients that over time will cause harm to your engine internals.

Take ferrocene for example.  Been used as an octane booster for years, but in fact it is an iron base.  Thus over time, when you add oxygen, it oxidizes and rusts, and that is just 1 product, there are millions out there.  Even among the octane boosters that do actually work (<1%), the absence of a proprietary carrier also lowers sustainability and puts engine internals at risk over time.

That is why we stress and tested our formula over nearly a decade of racing and laboratory testing.  In our engineer’s opinions, there is no substitute for real R&D and results.

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