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Does BOOSTane contain any chemicals that can be corrosive to rubber, plastic, or metals?

A lot of corrosion that happens today to internal engine components, in our experience, comes from the supplementation of ethanol in our fuels (E10, E15, etc).  This is due to its hygroscopic nature (affinity to absorb water into the gasoline). This absorption of water then causes phase separation, gumming up of components such as carburetors, and of course, the drying out and corroding of seals, rings, and other components.BOOSTane’s proprietary carrier actually works to solve these negative side effects of ethanol by stabilizing the fuel to prevent phase separation.  We have also formulated into our solution lubricating chemicals that actually help prolong the life of these various engine components. So you should be good to go! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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