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Are all octane boosters the same, how do you compare them, and what is the best on the market?

Absolutely not!  99% of octane boosters on the market provide little or no octane enhancement whatsoever.  Resulting in no performance increase or even a drop in performance, with a worst-case scenario that your vehicle requires a higher octane and you rely on a poor product, and after not receiving adequate octane, damage the engine.  

If it comes in a plastic bottle, simply put, it doesn’t have enough active ingredients to provide any real enhancement.   While there are products that do increase octane and performance, now you have to be aware of fuel stability and phase separation of active ingredients, seen here

In a comparison of BOOSTane and a competitor that falls our of suspension and causes fouling.

BOOSTane’s proprietary carrier technology and fuel stability enable an industry leading octane delivery and performance.  No reliant on clever marketing tactics, just dyno and octane testing, we are committed to providing the best fuel solution on the market.

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