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Will BOOTane shorten the life of my spark plugs?

The typical spark plug lasts between 60,000 and 70,000 miles.  This is under normal operation, and regular pump fuel (what they were designed to run on).  By adding BOOSTane to increase performance, you are effectively putting these types of combustion components under more stress.  Therefore, it is to be expected that using BOOSTane for an …

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My vehicle isn’t tuned. How will BOOSTane benefit my performance?

BOOSTane is designed for all levels of vehicles.  This includes street vehicles that are also untuned.  BOOSTane Premium is going to be the best option to unlock your vehicles full performance.  It allows your vehicles ECU’s natural adaptive capability to add a few degrees of timing, especially if you are in parts of the country that …

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BOOSTane for Daily Driving (Over 100K Miles)

We have many customers that have a desire to use our products to restore lost power, increase protection, and maintain due to them being older engines.  This is common occurrence with today’s engines being susceptible to the poor fuel quality and ethanol supplementation found in our gas.   That being said, I would recommend 1/2 …

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Jetskis powered by BOOSTane

BOOSTane is perfect for your jetski.  The supercharged 4cylinder engine is the same 4-stroke motor that a car would have.  Especially with a supercharger and the fact that fuel at marinas is typically a very low quality, I would recommend our BOOSTane Marine.  This has added lubricity, which our boat engines are fond of when we …

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When do I add BOOSTane to my tank?

You can add BOOSTane octane boosters both before and after the fuel has been added to the tank.  Ideally, you add BOOSTane right before you pump your gas.  This will result in an immediate mixture.  However, BOOSTane’s carrier will enable a complete blend, even if it is added after. Only poor fuel quality w/ ethanol …

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Is it ok if I leave BOOSTane in my tank over the winter?

Yes it is!  BOOSTane Proprietary chelating carrier not only maintains the stability of our active ingredients in solution but will also help stabilize your Gasoline as well.  Especially if you are leaving it for extended periods of time and it contains an amount of ethanol, thus preventing phase separation.

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Will BOOSTane change my Air/Fuel Ratio

Because BOOSTane contains no oxygenating agents, we will not change your Air/Fuel ratio (lambda) when blending at various ratios.  We have had people report a “leaning” out, but we attribute this to the engine’s ECU accounting for the higher octane and increasing timing. 

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