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World’s Fastest RACING CARS USE BOOSTANE See how we gained 43+ HP. See how we gained 43+ HP.  Check out The Tuning School review of BOOSTane.  Get higher octane, no more octane boosters that don’t work.  No more lugging around race fuel pails.  Find your tuner, get some BOOSTane, get properly dialed in on your …

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BOOSTANE FUEL ADDITIVE IS OCTANE ENGINEERING Want the advantages of high octane gasoline without the hassle of trying to find it locally? BOOSTane is an octane booster that can bring 93 octane pump gas up to a tested RON of 110 when used as directed. Originally developed for the offshore powerboat market, it is safe …

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Turbocharged engines - supercharged engines


Supercharger vs. Turbocharger: Learn the Difference The intention with this article is to shed some light on the theories behind turbocharging the modern engine, and the wonderful advantages it gives us in both speed and basic engine design issues. This post is also to try and give people a better understanding of supercharger systems and …

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BOOSTane – The Future of Fuel Additives

Transform your pump gas into a race fuel equivalent! Increase octane and stabilize your fuel Lubricate valves, seeats, and other components BOOSTane isn’t just fuel, fun, and freedom. Our team has spent over a decade in developing, testing, and retesting our BOOSTane racing solutions. BOOSTane users will find information that no one else in the …

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Ian Lehn Founder of BOOSTane - SIMA Launchpad Winner

BOOSTane – SEMA Launch Pad Winner Award

Ian Lehn and his BOOSTane product were chosen as the winners of the 2014 SEMA Launch Pad competition held at last year’s SEMA Show. The competition offers innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs under the age of 40 an industry platform to showcase their business plan for marketing a new automotive product or service. Finalists pitched their …

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What is Octane?

What is Octane?

What Is Octane? Octane is actually a form of isomer with many variations of branching carbon chains with regard to amounts and locations error. That doesn’t seem right. The term octane, as we know it, was made popular by fuel companies in the 60s. Since then it has become synonymous with describing the performance of …

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BOOSTane vs. Torco Suspension Test We don’t invest in claims, we deal in facts, while delivering a superior product to a market that requires the best. View our third party independent test results for more information. A suspension is a heterogenous system containing dispersed solids of such size that they settle… the dispersed phase should …

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Chicago’s E15 Consumer Choice Ordinance

The ethanol problems we are facing for all of our engines Boat U.S. the nation’s largest organization of private boat owners, is urging powerboat owners in the Chicago area to speak out against Chicago’s E15 Consumer Choice Ordinance 02014-5037, according to a press release from the organization. If passed on Monday, Dec. 8, when the …

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